G-System and Hughes & Kattner Duotone Head 100W

G-System and Hughes & Kattner Duotone Head 100W

Greetings All.

I just got a very good deal in a Hughes & Kattner Duotone 100W Head Tommy Thayer signature.
I was looking for that 80’s Rock’n Roll “KISS” tone.
Unfortunately nothing is perfect and it came with no footswitch.
My idea was use G-System to change btw Clean/Drive and Buster but this amp uses a DIN foot connection and I have no clue how to connect it. It has no MIDI interface.
A freind suggested me to use voodoo labs control switcher to fix this issue, but I have no clue how to do it.
Does anyone have time to explain me how to do it. I can post pictures from the DIN plug etc.

Additional information:
I have my G-System connected to my Nova Drive using MIDI Y cable.
I have Volume, Expression and Wha Wha pedals, all connected using TRS cables – special thanks to Laird Williams for provide us the White Paper.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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