G-System, midi controller for Kemper HELP PLEASE!

G-System, midi controller for Kemper HELP PLEASE!

Bare with me cus I might just be being dense here… if so I apologise.

Basically when I bought my kemper I decided against getting the footswitch as it would’ve delayed the delivery drastically, and I was already using a TC G-System, so decided I would just program the gsystem to work as a midi switch for the kemper… all good… I’ve sorted all the midi routing on the gsystem and it works perfectly for what I want! Excellent!

What I’m wondering is… currently I run a midi out from the TC G-System to the midi in on the kemper and mainly use one patch live as I am a bass player… basically using the midi switching to hit the effects slots on and off.
If I run a midi send back to the G-system (kemper midi send > TC G-System midi in) will the LEDs on the Gsystem correspond with the slots engaging on the kemper.
(What I’m trying to achieve is the Gsystem LEDs being controlled correctly from patch to patch depending on what is on/off from default in performance mode when switching between more than performance.)

I’m fairly new to midi control so hopefully this isn’t too much of a silly question!

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