GAS for Majesty. Am I nuts?

GAS for Majesty. Am I nuts?

So, yeah. We all know how the GAS goes.

As you can see if you check my sig, I’ve got a few JPs: original JP6 (no options), BFR JP6 (original version), Dargie 2 JP6, and JP13 7-String. Thinking of letting my original BFR JP6 and/or Dargie 2 go in support of a future Majesty purchase.

So, Majesty owners (or those who have experienced the Majesty), especially if you’ve had previous editions of JP guitars, am I nuts for wanting a Majesty? Am I nuts not to try to get my hands on a Majesty? Have any of you just sold off all your other JP guitars for a Majesty? Did you regret it?

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