Gig Report..91 Two Band Ray vs 2017 Classic Stingray.

Gig Report..91 Two Band Ray vs 2017 Classic Stingray.

Had a nice little bar gig last night and decided to AB my two very similar Stingrays…. a beat up well worn 1991 2 band player and a brand new 2017 Classic Stingray. Both set up with flats running through the same amp of course.

When I play them at home they both seem very similar but when band standing them the daylight between them became much more visible and brighter.

Both were authoritative and ballsy with a strong fundamental and thump and there was not a huge difference in the way they played. I started out with the Classic and had the lows bumped up maybe to 50% and the highs were off and the volume was at about 40%. The bass was large and in charge and just felt and sounded solid. On the second set I switched to the 91 and the drummer counted off the first tune while I was plugging in so my adjustments were made on the fly during the first tune. I was surprised to find out that I basically had dimed that bass to achieve what the Classic was doing. It was great and I played it for the rest of the set but I did switch back on the last set.

If I had only brought and played the 91 I would have been as happy as a fat boy in a donut shop, and I still am and will gig the crap out of that bass. But having them there together it was like driving and old 91 Jeep YJ that is fun but handles a little lose and maybe doesn’t have all the pep it originally had compared to a 2016 Jeep JKU with a 6 speed 6 cylinder. The new one is tighter, handles better and just feels more solid. But you enjoy owning both.

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