Gig Report:New Old Smoothie and Caprice

Gig Report:New Old Smoothie and Caprice

So this weekend on my two gigs I decided to bring my two new bases and check them out and see how they fared in live gig setting. On Friday night I had a small club gig and a very dark seller type room but I play there regularly the sound is not that great and it’s never a good place to try to hear what a new bass really sounds like. Both bases have factory strings still on them and are both brand new. I started out with the Caprice and it sounded good but because of the acoustics of that room I couldn’t really hear very well the amp was right underneath my butt and it was a concrete seller not lending itself very much too good acoustics. The Capri sounded good but I really couldn’t hear it that well in the room so I decided on the second set to move to the Stingray Old Smoothie. On the second set the room can I cleared out just a little bit and we actually turned up a little more and I was able to hear myself better the Stingray cut through like a stingray should it sounded great but it sounded warm and felt very comfortable and set in the mix perfectly. I got a little slap solo at the end of the third sad and it sounded fantastic. It’s a stingray it’s a great stingray but it’s just got a little bit of something sweet to it. I wish I could give a better description of the basses tonal characters but like I say the room really does not lend itself to getting an accurate picture of what an instrument sounds like. With that said the old smoothie sounded as good if not better then any other bass I’ve ever played in the room felt great sounded a great looked great.

Then today I had an outdoor wounded warrior benefit that was set in a festival style atmosphere big outdoor stage with full front of house sound provided. My intention was to play the Caprice first and then switch over to the Stingray like I had done the night before but that never happened because the Caprice sounded so damn good that I had no intention or desire to put it down. It growled like nothing I had ever heard before it just sounded massive articulate musical grindy and just sounded great. I started out using mostly if not only the neck pick up with the tone at about 75% and the bass just sounded huge it was perfect we opened up with Knock on Wood and the growling Caprice was as fat and greasy as I could have ever hoped for. At the end of our set the other bass player on the gig camp up and told me how awesome the Caprice sounded. One bass player friend was already on the fence about ordering one but wanted to hear mine. I’m pretty sure he will. E ordering his a Caprice soon.

I love the Old Smoothie I really do but the Caprice really stole the show today. I can’t wait to gig this baby again!

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