Global Delay Times / Subdivision Noob Questions

Global Delay Times / Subdivision Noob Questions

Hi all,

Getting my G System tomorrow and have a few questions about global delay times, tap tempo etc that I want to get my head around before I start fiddling with it. So this is from the manual:

Range: 0 to 1800ms
This parameter sets the time between the delay repeats.
This is also known as the “length” of the delay.

Range: Ignore, 2 to 1/32T (T= Triplet & D= Dotted)
When set to any value between 1 and 1/32T, the GSystem’s
Global Tempo is subdivided according to this
setting. When set to “Ignore”, the speed set by the Speed
parameter is used instead.

In another forum post I’ve read that the “Ignore” will ignore the tap tempo, and stick with the preset Delay time, is this correct? In which case, I suppose this will override the “Tap Master” being set to “Global” on a preset-by-preset basis?

Another query.. So my band plays mostly to a click track, so setting the Tap Master to Preset is my intention. However I’d like to have a few banks which are more generic presets rather than song specific. For these, I’d like the tempos to be globally set. Is there a way to set specific presets to follow the global tempo once the Tap Master has been set to Preset? Or will I have to do this the other way round, by setting Tap Master to Global, and setting my song specific presets to “Ignore” under “Tempo”?

Part two of the query above… If I have to set the majority of my presets to “Ignore” to make sure that the tempos stay at the desired setting, how do I go about setting subdivisions? For example if I wanted to have a 600ms delay time, subdivided to dotted 8th, would I have to calculate the milliseconds required to achieve that as the Tempo field is set to “Ignore” and can’t be used to set the subdivisions?

I hope at least some of that makes sense, and thanks to anyone brave enough to try and walk me through this!

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