Had the chance to try a EVH Wolfgang yesterday

Had the chance to try a EVH Wolfgang yesterday

None of my local stores carry them but we rode up to Atlanta to a nice store (Atlanta Discount Music) that doesn’t mind what you try out. They had 3 EVH Wolfgang Specials. Now I know the quality of those are not the same as a USA made one but it would good enough for a comparison to my ’96 Axis…. There is no comparison!!!

The Axis beat it hands down! The body just felt all wrong, didn’t like those EVH volume pots at all. The neck was fat…. and I mean F.A.T.!!!! That was cool cause I like fatter necks and it had a nice radius to it. I do like the Wolfgang pickups and currently have one in a Ibanez Voyager that I have… But they don’t compare to the ones in the Axis to me. I’m really hoping for the chance to play one of the higher end USA models one day but until this, this is all I had to compare and I’m glad I chose ….

As a side note, they had one of the new EVH 5150 stripped guitars that was just released…. I actually loved it and I don’t say that about guitar made from Mexico!! The neck felt really good and body was amazing! I would have took it home but it had a price tag of like 1399!! No way it was worth that much, I would have went 800 but I wasn’t about to try and insult the owners by haggling that low. They were nice people and had a lot of high end amps that I’ve only dreamed of playing. Sadly I walked away empty handed. I’m starting to think I just can’t find anything in a music store anymore and will just have to stick to Reverb/eBay.

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