Had to send guitar back

Had to send guitar back

I want to thank each of you for trying to help me setup the blue axis super sport. I worked on it for hours and just never got it the way I needed it.

I broke my left ring finger in Jr. high school (playing basketball) and the coach just taped the finger to my pinkie. So now I am always doing the spok live long and prosper sign. So that is why I need the lowest action I can get away with.

I realized that the only way to get the guitar the way it would work for me was to put a 1/8 or 3/16 piece of wood between the body and neck. And I just did not feel that was something I should have to do after dropping 3K on a guitar.

It was the best looking and best tone guitar I have ever touched. And I really miss it. Not sure if I will own a Music Man or not now.

Thanks to all
God Bless

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