Hall Of Fame Reverb > Fender 63 Reverb Tank?

Hall Of Fame Reverb > 63 Reverb Tank?

Question: Is there anyone out there who has been able program the Hall Of Fame pedal so it can replicate a Fender 63 reverb tank?

I only ask this question, because I haven’t found one yet that comes close as yet. I have played surf/instro music for decades and have tried just about everything out there and I haven’t found any foot pedal that can give you the sound and drip that you get from the Fender 63 reverb tank. The Boss FRV-1 include, just doesn’t have it either. The only thing I found that can replace one is the Billy Little Kahuna reverb/tremolo unit, but that’s not a pedal and it costs $1100!

What I was hoping for when I bought the Hall Of Fame pedal, was that it could save me the trouble of toting around the 63 Fender reverb tank, but so far I haven’t found that voice. I’ve tried the Sune Rose Wagner ‘Tarantula’ print, but that one doesn’t really have the drip either. You almost have to plug a guitar  directly into a Fender 63 reverb tank, then a clean amp to know what I’m talking about, but think of the beginning of Baja by the Astronauts.

Fortunately, I find the rest of the voices on the Hall Of Fame pedal to be great sounding and totally worth a spot on my pedal board. Now, just need to nail that surf setting!

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