Help a newbie – G System w/ Mesa Amps

Help a newbie – G System w/ Mesa Amps

Hey everyone,

After an unfortunately experience with the G System a few years back when I purchased one which turned out to be broken, I’ve decided to try again. With a month long tour looming, the idea of a fairly complicated board with tons of individual pedals is becoming quite intimidating and I figured this would be the way.

However, I’ve a couple of questions that I was hoping someone could help me out with. Mainly my primary concern is that my main amp is a Mesa Boogie Mark V, however for the upcoming tour I have the promoter is providing us with Dual Rectifiers instead. If my presets include amp channel switching, will they translate across amps? I’m assuming at least they wouldn’t with some two channel amps, but in the case of this tour for example where both are three channel amps would that work? Excuse my ignorance, this is a real grey area in my guitar/amp knowledge.

Secondly there’s a few essential pedals that I still use and some of them are in front of the amp (drive, gate, and a particular modulation effect) is it possible to route that way with the G-Sytem, or is it all exclusive to the loop or front of amp, depending on where I plug in?

Appreciate any help you guys could give me! Thanks!

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