Help: Adding push pull to HSS Silhouette Special?

Help: Adding push pull to HSS Silhouette Special?

Hi all, new owner of a EBMM Silhouette Special HSS. Absolutely loving the guitar, and for the first month or so did not miss access to the middle pickup alone, but would love to be able to re-introduce it.

I’ve searched the web for alternative wiring schemes but could not find much. Ideally I’d love access to 2 new sounds. 1st Middle Pickup alone with Silent Circuit, and 2nd would be to get access to the south coil of a split humbucker with Silent Circuit as well. I haven’t the slightest of clue how to wire this up. I’m thinking the Fender S1 could be used, or push pulls. Here’s an example of what I’d love:

S1 = Off (Factory)
S1 = On Position 3 = middle only, 5 = bridge south only


VOL push/pull = pull would flip position 3 to middle from neck/bridge north
TONE push/pull = pull would split position 5 to south coil of bridge

I am wondering if someone would be able to point me in the right direction of how to modify the wiring with the Silent Circuit in tact?

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