Help: Authenticate my 2018 BFR Axis?

Help: Authenticate my 2018 BFR Axis?

Hey all, I just got my first EBMM, a 2018 Axis Super Sport Buckeye Burl. It might be one of the best guitars I’ve ever played.

I bought it off Reverb, listed in mint condition but it arrived without the COA and without the OHSC. Apparently it had been previously sold at an estate sale hence the missing stuff and no paper trail.

Everything about the guitar points to it being authentic but I wanted to check here in case anyone may have info or has a keener eye than me in spotting anything that’s off. EBMM doesn’t reissue COAs but I’d like to get a second opinion for piece of mind.

EBMM serial number lookup tool returns a match for this guitar (G87543: March 2018, Super Sport, Buckeye Burl). Prior owner was not the original owner but he contacted EBMM and learned that the serial number is tied to guitar 38 of 85 from this run.

I spent time googling, searching this forum and others but I’ve come up empty trying to verify it on my own.

Reverb listing:
Music Man Axis Super Sport 2018 Bfr Ball Family | Reverb

Old ebay listing I found selling the same guitar:
Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Axis Super Sport Buckeye Burl (577) | eBay

Thanks all

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