Help: Basic info regarding conditioning fretboard on 2019 Majesty

Help: Basic info regarding conditioning fretboard on 2019 Majesty

Hello Guitar lovers.

New to the group and have searched online, only to view conflicting info, before posting here.

Have a 2019 Majesty, and would like to remove ALL strings and condition fretboard. Previously have changed strings ‘one at a time’, but would like to condition fretboard this time around.

I’ve viewed numerous YouTube videos – many with conflicting info. Too many to post, but have some ‘basic’ questions and would appreciate some guidance.

1. I understand it is important to use something as a ‘shim’ (Folded up polishing cloth, playing cards, paint mixing stick, etc.) to place under the bridge to remove tension from the strings and provide some relief to the floating bridge to undergo this exercise. That being the case, what height / thickness for the shim is proper? I don’t want to have issues after restringing because too much tension on neck after removing shim.

2. How much slack should remain on strings when installing new strings? Related to first question…If I have a shim 1/2″ or 1/8″, this height would affect the string tension when it is removed, and would also be impacted by amount of slack on strings after feeding thru and locking the tuners. Stated differently, If I use a 1/4″ shim, and pull strings tight thru and then locking tuners, there would be more tension after removing shim than if I used a 1/16″ shim and had some slack on new strings before locking tuners.

I have read where removing all the strings for a short period isn’t a big deal, but I don’t want to end up with a tuning stability issue or having the bridge being not parallel with body when I’m finished. Maybe I am overthinking this???

At this point, I’m not interested in knowing how to adjust truss rod, intonation, etc….Just want to replace my strings and condition the fretboard.

I apologize for the basic questions…but prefer to keep this simple and not screw anything up.

And BTW, as much as I love Petrucci and grew up listening to high gain shredders and ’80s Rock – I absolutely LOVE the clean tones on this beautiful axe. So much so, I’ve named her “Baby Blue”.

Happy New Year to all. Please stay safe!

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