Help: Bew here inquiring on a pending purchase. Just looking for info.

Help: Bew here inquiring on a pending purchase. Just looking for info.

Hi I am brand new here on the forum so Hello and this will be my first EBMM guitar.

A gentleman in the neighborhood and I have come to an agreement on a large package deal for all of his guitar related items as he unfortunately has Parkinson’s and will not continue playing.

Among the other things we have agreed on me buying is a 1999 EBMM Axis Sport HH Hardtail in Trans Gold with maple neck. I have no pictures yet as there were never any posted and I was trying to keep myself respectful in his home and I originally visited to purchase and did purchase a 93 Strat Plus and my focus was there at the time. The serial for the EBMM Axis Sport is G06226. EB Cust service tells me DOB is 03/31/99. CS also told me it should have Dimarzio Customs in the neck and bridge at 15K / 17K respectively. The bridge is a Seymour Duncan so I assume it was changed before he bought it though he says he is first owner and did not change it. He has also installed locking tuners or did these come with locking tuners?

What is this guitar worth now? I am hard pressed to find a lot of info, pictures or anything on a Axis Sport HH Hardtail. Lots of Super Sports but listings for an “Axis Sport” hardtail elude my searches.

I will post pictures when I have the guitar in my hands again next week.

Thanks in advance for any help you may offer. If not allowed please feel free to delete I am just trying to make sure I did not burn myself in the deal. It was a large package deal and large for me definitely. I hustled selling stuff, yard sales, computer work for a month to come up with some cash.

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