Help: Can you help me spot a fake

Help: Can you help me spot a fake


I got this guitar last week at Guitar Center under Clearance. Can someone with enough knowledge help me spot if this is fake or real please? Thank You so much in advance!!
I bought in clearance because it was missing its whammy bar and the finish has a crack near the arm bevel and to get the dimarzio pickups.

I set it up and this is what I found:

1.-Bridge Pickup is quieter than neck pickup, neck is louder.
2.-The trem insert screws go ALL THE WAY through the body, that is, from the top of the guitar through the tremolo cavity.
3.-The trem post screws themselves are wobbly and will only stay put when screwed all the way in, so I had to do that and then raise and radius the saddles.
4.-The lacquer where the inserts are is completely cracked.
5.-The locking tuners are also wobbly, even when tightened at the top bolt and the bottom screws, they are very similar to the ones you can get at all parts for about 50, with plastic locking knobs.
6.-This is the part that makes me feel silly, there’s a brown line painted all around the silhouette of the body that I don’t see on any guitar only and you can clearly see the body is comprised of three different pieces of wood.
7.-The pickups are missing the Dimarzio Logo.

Picture links follow.
Tuning System and electronic system:
IMG_20170830_223912.jpg – Google Drive
IMG_20170830_223919.jpg – Google Drive
Nice: IMG_20170830_225850.jpg – Google Drive
IMG_20170830_225859.jpg – Google Drive
IMG_20170830_230317.jpg – Google Drive
Nice too:…DFGUk9qbllNUG8…0pnNUZrVVlLekk…UNwYk9fUk5nR0U…mQ3WUtELVB6Z2M…GljbnZpQU1pNkk


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