Help creating a Sub 'n Up Tone Print

Help creating a Sub 'n Up Tone Print

Hi guys,

I’m a bassist, and I’m having a bit of trouble customizing a tone print.  I’m not really set up to have my pedal plugged into the computer while I’m playing my bass/amp to hear the changes I’m making, so I wind up taking the pedal downstairs, tweaking it on the computer, and then going back up and trying to see if I am getting closer to the sound I’m looking for, but it’s not there yet.  I’m wondering if anyone can help me out.  Perhaps what I’m trying to do just isn’t an option.

I don’t want anything complicated.  I basically just want a classic octave mode, but I’m only actually using the up octave as an octave.  I want the Sub 2 knob to add drive to the octave up, which I have figured out how to do and it works well.  But I’m trying to set up the Sub 1 knob to dial in some modulation (Flange, ideally).  I tried setting it so that it would dial in the “mix” level of the flanger, but it didn’t do anything when I actually tried it.  Any idea what I’m missing?  Can I set the sub knob to dial in modulation, or is that not even a technical possibility?


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