Help: Dead Majesty 7-String

Help: Dead Majesty 7-String

Hey guys! I unfortunately experienced some sort of a power surge last week with my 2016 Majesty 7 plugged into some gear and it seems to be completely dead. Everything else in the room was totally unaffected(Axe FX III, laptop, monitors, etc.), but any output from the instrument instantly cut out and the battery light acted strange for a minute before never coming on again. I didn’t hear a pop, can’t smell anything burnt, nor can I see anything visibly fried with the internals, but after replacing the batteries, trying a reset, and testing different cables/input sources/anything, I can’t get anything to work. Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar and if there’s anything else I could try or test(I own a multimeter and quality soldering equipment) in order to diagnose the source of the issue. I contacted EBMM customer service through email and tried calling several times this week but only got one email response and haven’t heard back since. I’m willing to pay for any necessary repairs from EBMM as I absolutely love the instrument but wanted to see what you guys thought! Thanks!
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