Help: Grounding problem MM luke 3

Help: Grounding problem MM luke 3

I’m new to this forum and I saw another trhead about this topic, but that was already closed without giving an answer.

I have a musicman luke 3 PDN Neptune blue HSS with number G71919

When I bought my guitar I plugged the guitar in my amp ( SE30) and I noticed a lot of 50Hz hum on the single coils. This also appears on the in-between coil position. The humbucker is hum free. The hum disappeared when I put my fingers on the strings. I checked for a grounding problem, but couldn’t measure one. It wasn’t possible to put on a distortion, because that gave to much noise. I went to the studio of my friend and tested the guitar in several conditions, different , different cables, reversed polarity, computers off, lights out etc. We try tested it against some relic Stratocasters, but the guitar gave a lot of noise compared to the others. I thought it was supposed to be very silent, because its supposed to be shielded, so I contacted the dealer. The dealer agreed to take a look at it. He couldn’t find anything but noticed something was wrong. We ended up putting new pickups (silent blues) in it and they turned the boost back. Still the same problem but something less. I also contacted Musicman but got no response after two mails.

Next, when i opened the guitar I found a lose colourless wire witch wasn’t attached to anything.

anayone knows how to fix this?

Sorry for my English, I’m Dutch 😉

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