Help: Help – stereo connectivity from my Majesty guitar to amp + PA

Help: Help – stereo connectivity from my Majesty guitar to amp + PA

Hi all – FINALLY posting here for the first time and also really stoked as Im a (soon to be) MM Majesty owner. Have played on many JPs over the years where Ive had a chance at shops/expos etc and tried the majesty on 3 seperate occasions where I’ve slowly been convincing myself to bite the bullet and get one – literally feel like a kid at Christmas.

The good news is I have a gig in a week and really want to try getting the full use of the versatility if I can but im unclear about this whole 1 stereo output at the moment and would love some advice before it comes so I can purchase what I need in time.

My rig at the moment is I’m using a Tech21 T60 amp (my mesa’s in the shop :o:() and I currently use the TC Nova System which although theres mixed opinions on these, I love it! Now I just usually run my guitar into the expression pedal -> TC Nova -> amp. But I really want to also try running stereo into the PA for the pietzo. Can someone shed some light / tips on how best to do this with my current rig?

I’ve been reading a lot that users use splitter boxes or TRS cables that split but I dont know how that would work as 1 end would have to go to the amp and the other, to the PA mixer which always varies in distance from me. Thanks for your help in advance 🙂

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