Help: Help with Stingray Setup

Help: Help with Stingray Setup

Hi all!

I bought a Stingray on 27th September 2013 from one of the biggest music dealers in germany, thomann. According to the Serial Number Database it was built in November 2011.
At first sight and first played keys i thought the action was way to high. Since then i try to set the bass up and it won’t fit my liking. If i try to set the truss rod like described at the faq(press 2nd fret and 12th fred, tap on the middle…) the string height is nearly 8mm on the e string. When i lower the saddle to the bottom of the bridge i get 5mm string height. This is way to high and i can’t get it lower.
Is there a problem with the neck? I play now for 27 years and have many different basses. None of them has this high action not even the p or j basses i own.
Can anyone give me a hint what to do? I find it strange that many youtubers set the stingray basses up like p basses. (Daves World of Fun Stuff or Alexander James Guitars). And they got all a way better string height without buzzing of bent necks.

Any help appreciated!

Greetings from lower bavaria

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