Help identifying Stingray

Help identifying Stingray

Hi everyone!

I traded for my first Stingray, a 2012 Stingray 4.

I’m just wondering on the history of this guitar and if it is as it should be as according to the EB serial decoder, this bass was made September 11th 2012 but with a maple neck in black with a black pickguard.

This bass is blue… I don’t think it’s a refin from looking at it, wondering if it’s had the body swapped as the neck seems to check out. Anyone know any way to verify the authenticity of the body with the neck?

The pickup has been swapped so the electronics could be swapped too but date to sept 2012 so look like they match the neck, so may not be the most useful way of trying to identify if the body agrees.

Anyone have any tips on looking at the body to see if it matches with the neck?

I’ll upload some pics later today but the neck heel references what looks like 11018 and the body pocket what looks like (very faint) 11039 or 11089.

Are these meant to agree or can the serial number look up sometimes get colours wrong?

Traded with a reputable store so may ask if they can do anything if it isn’t the original neck and body.


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