Help installing pickups in a RS Stingray?

Help installing pickups in a RS Stingray?

Hi everyone,

This seems like it would pop up frequently and I hate to ask as I haven’t seen anything specific to the 6 string Stingray, but…

While changing out my pickups for another set of hotter humbuckers, I am now stuck with standard 4 conductor wiring coming off of the new pickups (Black, white, green, red, ground) and the old originals only have 2, the white and a thick ground.

The replacements have a colour code, red is “north start” green is “north finish” white is “south finish” and black is “south start.”

I get that this is explaining the windings, but… I am failing to grasp how this translates into what I need to do here. I was just expecting to solder in the new pickups just like the old humbuckers on the circuit board the volume and tone knobs are mounted on.

Any ideas? I wasn’t planning on using my brain today LOL


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