Help: JP15 case latch spring?

Help: JP15 case latch spring?

Hey ballers! Hope all of you doing great. Been a while since I posted here. Life’s taken a big turn and we’ve moved to Australia! Big hello to all aussies here mates 🙂

I’ve got a question which I can’t find the answer for online. I’ve had a JP15 since almost two years and barely gigged with and taken good care of. Within a span of few days somehow both the latches on the case stopped ‘springing’ upwards for the lack of a better word. Earlier they use to spring up automatically when I pushed the adjacent button side ways. I never heard any cracking sounds or no damage has happened to the case.

I was wondering if there is any way to fix them? Do they have some sort of a spring inside which I can replace. Currently they are fully functional and I can lock the case. But it does not ‘pop’ open which you’d ideally do with one hand at each latch.

Any help would be great! I’m attaching pictures of one of them. In one of the pictures you can see my finger holding it where it used to pop by itself. The other pic is how it is now.

Cheers guys!

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