Help: JP15 – Pickup Selector replacement

Help: JP15 – Pickup Selector replacement

Fellow ballers, I am need of some help over here. A couple of weeks back, the pickup selector on my JP15 (Sahara burst), gave up and I have got a replacement with me, many thanks to a very good and kind friend. But we are under strict lockdown here in Melbourne and I cannot visit a luthier and as sad as it is, the lockdown just keeps extending, govt. just extended the whole thing by another 2 weeks 🙁

I would like to understand the complexity in trying to fix it myself, and that is where I need your help. I am sure many of you have tried their hands at soldering before, but I havent. I understand how the whole thing works, but I am concerned due to the complicated wiring inside and multiple contact points.

Could you guys please help me with:

1. What soldering gear and parts (any specific makes/model would really help) would I need to perform the replacement? the PCB is thankfully already attached to the toggle.
2. How many contact points would I need to remove and solder?
3. Does anyone by any possible chance have a video of how to do it? Or any steps that can help out? Anything that you can share can help a lot

I know, some may think that it’s plain simple to do soldering, but please pardon me as I want to be really careful with the guitar.

Looking forward to your advice and help.


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