Help: JP15 Pickup Selector too tight?

Help: JP15 Pickup Selector too tight?

Hey guys, I have a JP15 since a few years now and the guitar has been incredible to say the least. I have learnt so much on it and with that said, a huge thank you EBMM for making this.

Since the time I have had the guitar, I’ve noticed that the pickup selector is fairly tight to toggle between bridge and neck pickups. This never has been a issue since I’ve been shifting it by holding it all this while. But now, since I am getting more into frequent shifts between the neck and bridge pickups, I’d surely like to flick my hand (more like what JP does) and change the pickups easily.

Doing this ‘flick’ currently is hard and it sometimes hurts the fingers. Is there a way to tweak the pickup selector easily to make it more ‘fluid’ in nature? I remember it being a little more easy on my JP6 Stealth.

Apologies if this has been asked earlier, if so, just point me to the right thread….

Looking forward to your help and support and thanks in advance always!

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