Help: JP6 issue, where to Get help In Norway?

Help: JP6 issue, where to Get help In Norway?


I have a 04 music man jp6 piezo with bad connection In the mono output. I red some posts and understand this is a common problem(?) Guess the output is so worn from use/twists that this resaults in bad connection(?)

I tried calling the big music dealers here In Norway, But can’t Get a clear awnser to where i can get tecnical drawings and where i turn to order new parts. Also tried e-mailing ebmm costumer service without getting a reply..

After What i red i need to replace the whole module with the outputs, and maybe the piezo sadles(?)

Have checked wires and sonderings.

Any ideas to where i can turn to Get help In Scandinavia? Would be a pain If i had to send my original parts all the way to the US to Get a replacement.:o

Thanks! Håkon

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