Help: Luke iii Tuning Issues (Bridge Posts)

Help: Luke iii Tuning Issues (Bridge Posts)


Hope everyone is staying healthy and sane in these weird times.

I’m having issues with my Luke iii’s tuning.

Whenever I bend, the guitar goes out of tune. A good ol whammy dive usually brings it back.

My guitar tech thinks that it could be the bridge posts that are worn.

The nut has been cleaned, lubed etc. I’ve also installed a trem stabilzer to see if it isn’t just because the bridge doesn’t return to its zero point, but the problem still persists.

Any input would be much appreciated.

What makes it tricky is that I live in South Africa, so replacing the posts isn’t as simple as it would have been if I was in the States. Unless there are aftermarket posts that would fit. But I’m not finding info about this anywhere.

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