Help me navigate the various EBMM neck profiles

Help me navigate the various EBMM neck profiles

Hi there,

In recent months I’ve been looking for a guitar that’s really easy to play. Over that time, I’ve played a few EBMM guitars and I love the finish on the necks. I also love the 1 5/8 nut width.

Right now I have a Music Zoo Axis in purple quilt with roasted flamed neck at my studio -sent over by a friend to see if I wish to buy it. It’s beautifully made, intonates perfectly, sounds great and the neck feel is amazing …but playing on that asymmetrical carve has inflamed a joint in my index finger. Modifying my technique helps, but I’m already doing that to avoid the high and low E strings slipping off.

If the Axis neck was not asymmetrical and basically was the same on the treble side as the bass side, I think I’d be more comfortable.

So here’s my question:

Of the 1 5/8 nut Ball guitars, which have the deepest, non-asymmetrical neck profiles?

I already know this:

JP -too wide/thin for me
Luke -too tiny for me
Morse and Valentine: A little small, but acceptable. I’d like fatter though.

I’m especially interested if there are any limited editions that popped out with 1 5/8 nut and fat backshapes. Especially Axis models.

Let me know what you know. I just love the neck finish, and would really like to make my next guitar an EBMM.

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