Help me turn one of these into my metal guitar: 2014 Albert Lee HH or 2011 Reflex

Help me turn one of these into my metal guitar: 2014 Albert Lee HH or 2011 Reflex

Hi folks

Short version: I need to block the trem (completely) with one of these guitar so I can at least do Drop D quick and fast! Which one?

You guys are also the pick up experts – which one in your opinion is more suitable for heavier genres?

I would appreciate your input!

And the longer version: No more Les Paul :eek:… Hurts even an amateur to be cut off from history of guitar greatness… 🙁


I have arrived here, ladies and gentlemen: All MusicMan 3-color burst line up! :cool::D:cool:

The discontinued ‘Reflex’ is sitting on the throne, but don’t let that fool you, it is only because it is the latest addition to the family. The HH Albert Lees rule this family!

I said good-bye to a good friend (on the left) – my first North American made guitar, my only Gibson… 2014 Les Paul Studio Pro with upgraded locking Grover tuners:

Oh yeah, I had to let go of the Schecter Keith Merrow mk-II 7 string too (in the middle). Though that was more of transactional thing than emotional, if you know what I mean… Not the Albert Lee HH of course… That thing will always remain my no:1! I love those DiMarzio humbuckers…

So no more Gibson Les Paul. The guitar is gone, but memories and my sweet nothing metal songs (amateur here :p!) will stay – with the 2014 Studio Pro:

and here is a heavier one :)!

I have been using the Albert Lee HH for a few years now, and I am much more familiar with what it can and cannot do. But I just got the Reflex after trading in my 2 metal guitars, and I am just beginning to discover its character. Of course, I will obsess for hours and do my A/B tests by recording myself.

But what do you think? Does anyone use the Reflex here for heavier genres?

Cheers :)!

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