Help: MM JP7 BFR PDN Battery drain

Help: MM JP7 BFR PDN Battery drain


I recently bought a second-hand MM JP7 BFR PDN in Neptune Blue with a roasted maple neck and fretboard, and I absolutely *love* that guitar!…

…however, I have been annoyed by how quickly the battery drains. A new battery will last 2 maybe 3 weeks at best 🙁

I always unplug the jack after playing, so this is unfortunately not the obvious cause.

Tonight, after reading some forum posts on similar issues, I hooked up a meter in order to see how much current is drawn from the battery.

To do that, I disassembled the battery holder, put a wire between one pole of the battery and the corresponding socket on the guitar, and placed my current meter between the other battery pole and socket.

Here are the results:
– With a jack plugged in the mono output only, it read around 2.16mA. If I turned the volume knob, the current stayed at the same value.
– With no jack plugged in, I measured a current ranging from 0.6mA to 2.16mA depending on the volume knob’s setting.

This seems to indicate that there is current drawn from the battery even when no jack is connected to the guitar (which is inline with the fact that a new battery drains within days regardless if I play the guitar or not)

Has anyone experienced something similar? If so, how did you get it fixed?

Many thanks,


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