Help: Morse Y2D out-of-phase tone

Help: Morse Y2D out-of-phase tone

Hi All,

Last January I bought a used Morse Y2D as my jack-of-all-trades instrument, for situations where I could only bring a single guitar with me. Actually it became my main guitar and I have been playing her extensively for all 2017 :). It is really a fantastic guitar: balanced instrument, comfortable neck, great pickups, etc.

Only thing I miss from her is a strat out-of-phase position tone, in particular for that clean Hendrix rhythmic parts :rolleyes:. I tried to use the stock Y2D middle+bridge position for that, but the bridge humbucker is not splitted so the resulting sound is completely different:confused:.

In a magic world I would like to substitute the stock tone potentiometer with a push-pull tone potentiometer that, when engaged, splits both humbuckers to single coil. So when push-pull is not engaged I would have the stock pickups combinations, but when it is engaged I would have:

  1. Splitted neck HB
  2. Splitted neck HB + splitted bridge HB (tele-like tone)
  3. Middle single-coil
  4. middle single-coil + splitted bridge HB (Strat out-of phase tone)
  5. splitted bridge HB

Is this something possible?

Otherwise, what would you suggest as the best way to simply have available a strat out-of-phase position tone?

Thank you,


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