Help: Music Man Axis Sport – Truss Rod Won't Loosen

Help: Music Man Axis Sport – Truss Rod Won't Loosen


I regret that my first post in this forum is about a technical issue with a MM guitar I just acquired. It is a 2002 Music Man Axis Sport. I took it to my local shop for a condition check and they found out that the truss rod won’t loosen, meaning I can’t further relieve the neck.

It’s strung with 9’s and the action isn’t too high so it’s not the worst thing, but I was planning on trading it for another MM and I can’t in good conscience deal the guitar in such condition. So I’m wondering whether there’s a way to fix the truss rod issue.

I’ve already contacted customer service, but I’m not sure how long they’ll take to reply – so in the meanwhile if someone knowledgeable in this forum has a second opinion I’d appreciate it. I included a picture of the spoke wheel truss rod nut with the neck humbucker removed.

Thanks in advance!

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