Help: Need help desperately

Help: Need help desperately

Hello, I’m a real old school Stingray player just joined here seeking for desperate help.
My Stingray which I bought new back in 1979 was stolen and finally found bu the police. However the bass had all the hardwares taken away bu the frets, and body was stripped to bare Ash and no bridges nor anything on it. Completely heart broken but the neck was found before the clear coat had stripped and the frets are still on. But tuners are not there and couldn’t babe found in the thief’s parts bin, dammit.

I would like to have my bass playable and needs everything from three bolts, back plate to attach the neck on body, bridge, circuit and everything except the frets. I can paint, clear coat and do the work by myself but needs all the parts to bring the bass in former glory. Any advise for the parts suppliers and their info will be highly appreciated. I bought the bass back in ther late ’70s when there was a store called Hollywood Music Store on Fairfax near Melrose, in Los Angeles, CA. Leo Fender was there to sign his signature and I had it on my genuine MM hard case. But the hard case wasn’t found.

You guys are my hope. Thanks.

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