Help: New Monarchy Majesty Questions

Help: New Monarchy Majesty Questions

Please help, my Monarchy Majesty won’t stay in tune. Moving the whammy bar I can hear all the tings of the strings getting caught. I chalked it up to “new guitar, new strings”, but after a week? No, something somewhere is catching.

Also, what gauge strings does this thing come with? They are wicked beefy! I’m used to 9’s and this thing’s got my fingers feeling like I just started to learn to play again.

The tremolo is dead level so I’m hesitant to make any setup changes, but the action is way too high on this thing. I watched a video about them being perfectly setup to play right out of the box from the factory. Is this still the case because I can’t imagine John Petrucci playing like he does with the action this high.

Love my Majesty by the way. I’ve been wiping it with a micro fiber cloth since I got it for Christmas. Friggin’ sick machine, man!

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