Help: Setting up a JP15 7 String for the first time

Help: Setting up a JP15 7 String for the first time

Hello everyone
I recently bought a JP15 7 string guitar from someone on ebay. This guitar came with a string gauge of 10- 56 and is in Standard B. However:
1. I want to tune to Drop A
2. I would like to use a gauge of 10-62

I would bring the guitar to a guitar technician, however there aren’t many around here experienced with MusicMan guitars, let alone 7 string guitars so I decided to give it a try myself.

There’s a description on how to setup your guitar in the FAQ section on the official MusicMan website: FAQ | Music Man. I’m pretty sure I can follow this description, even if it takes a couple tries.

So, I know I will have to restring first, tune up the 5 middle strings, adjust the bridge and then tune accordingly. However, I know that I will also have to adjust the truss rod if I use a heavier gauge for the lowest string. Would I do this step after I tuned up all the strings? Or do you usually do minor adjustments between tuning up?

Any tips are appreciated

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