Help: Silhouette Special Humbucker Connections

Help: Silhouette Special Humbucker Connections

I snipped the wires of my humbucker on the switch, leaving 4 little bits of colored wire on the switch. I have another DiMarzio pickup to put in. Then I went to strip the little bits of colored outside and the wires pulled off the switch.

It has one of those super switches with the 4 poles and 5 positions. I think the green wire went to the black/blue on a middle lug. I will try to draw out the connections to work out where to connect things but I need to be in the right frame of mind. I don’t want to wrongly connect it and then reassemble and restring only to find i had something wrong.

If anyone has a nice photo of the switch so I can connect my humbucker wires to the right spot it would be very much appreciated. I contacted the Customer Support and am waiting. I found a photo online but it’s a bit small for me to see clearly.

I took a photo of my switch as it is currently.

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