Help: Single Coils Hum with a Luke 3 HSS : Please help !

Help: Single Coils Hum with a Luke 3 HSS : Please help !

I Love my 4 Musicman guitars (Luke 2, Luke 3 HH and HSS, JP15 BFR).
So I know Musicman for years and enjoy to play it !!
By comparing my last Luke 3 HSS with others, there is a huge hum and buzz produced by single coils.

With exactly the Amp and settings, I do not have this with my other single coils guitar signature for.
I mean that I know the kind of hum produced by single coils and the Luke 3 has a bad hum.

I’m worried about the wiring.For example, when I turn clockwise the trim pot Lever Position, it has an impact on all the positions except the humbucker.
All the position with single coils, even single coils neck alone or middle alone, so Position 5,4,3,2 are modified by the Trim Pot Lever Position.
Is it normal ? I mean, normally only the position 2&4 should be modified.
Even with no gain by Lever Position trim pot, single coils make some hum and noise.

Finally, there are 2 facts that worried me about how the wiring is done in my Luke 3 HSS Black Serial Number G72792. The Hush produced by single coils and how the trim pot works.

Today, to use the guitar, I turn off (counter clockwise) the Lever Position trim pot to get no additional gain on single coils. But it’s not a normal use…

Can you confirm to me that the Lever Trim Pot do impact normally only the 2&4 position ? (as my Luke 3 HH for example).
Can you check pictures of the wiring ? Is there something wrong ?
Can you send me the wiring schematics for booth Luke 3 HH [Serial Number G73766] and Luke 2 HSS [Serial Number G72792]

Thank you so much, I love your Guitars and Bass but I need help to understand is there is something wrong with my beautiful Luke 3 HSS.

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