Help: SR5 string height setup problem

Help: SR5 string height setup problem

Hey, folks,
I’ve got a nice SR5. But I can not find a way to setup the string height low without buzzing.
I’ve read numerous manuals for setting the bass up. I know the physics of setup very well.
I feel like my bass has something wrong with it.

I’ve got:
G – 5/64
D – ~6/64
A – 6/64
E – ~7/64
B – 8/64

This way it plays rather nice, a little buzzy (normal buzz with aggresive action).

I have a Fender JB 4 string setup with 4/64 on G and 5/64 on E and it plays awesome.
I love the tone of StingRay, but this string height above 6/64 is killing me.

Can it be a neck angle problem? Some neck pocket issue?

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