Help: Sterling Ball email?

Help: Sterling Ball email?

I am having an issue with what was sold to me as a brand new JP16 but turned out to be the guitar you see on the photos on the EBMM website, played by John Petrucci in multiple videos, including the Reverb demo, and showcased at NAMM, etc. It has also been sent to guitar world, guitar player, and others.

I have had a JPXI BFR since 2011, the original run, and in the past two weeks purchased the JP6 Cinnamon Shift and the JP16, and am looking at buying another direct from Music Man. However, after discovering the guitar is not new, has some dings, a neck and/or fret issue, the dealer has offered a refund and sent a label. I have spoken to Billy in sales and service at EBMM, very cool guy, but if I keep the guitar and send it to them to fix the dings and such they want me to pay shipping to them… on a guitar the dealer believed to be new and has some issues?

Not only that, but no deal for the direct model either, and after going through a major debacle on two defective Suhrs, I am not looking to roll down that road again, and would like to email Sterling Ball and see if there is anything he can do before I return the JP16, which is my favorite of the three. Anyone have his email address?

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