Help: Sterling by Music Man Silo 30D in Black

Help: Sterling by Silo 30D in Black

Hi All,

I just purchased a SBMM Silo 30D in black. I made the purchase online and the guitar is currently being shipped to me.

I’m trying to verify that the guitar is a “Silo 30D” and not a “Silo 30” (the “D” on the end indicates the model that comes with PUPs). I believe the guitar is a 30D based on two things:
1.) The seller referred to the guitar as a “Silo 30” instead of a “Silo 30D,” but put in the description of the ad that the guitar has stock DiMarzio PUPs. If this is the case, then the guitar is definitely a Silo 30D.
2.) I know for a fact that there were Silo 30D’s made in this black color, but I don’t know that there were any Silo 30’s made in this color.

Can anyone confirm my assumption based on the pictures that this guitar is in fact a Silo 30D and not a Silo 30?

Also, for any of you that are experienced with Music Man serial numbers, the serial is SG23767. Can you determine the definite model and year of this guitar based off of this number?

I appreciate anyone’s input/assistance with these questions.


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