Help: Stingray Special with twisted neck

Help: Stingray Special with twisted neck

Hello, new to this forum, but not Stingray basses. I recently bought a 2019 stingray special, this was pre-owned and purchased via a popular bass forum. I absolutely love the bass and wanted to get the action lower, so after playing it for about 3 weeks I proceeded to set everything up. I kept getting fret buzz on the D and a little bit of G string 4th – 10th frets. At that point I decided to go to my local luthier to get it checked out and set up professionally.

A little back history, back in 1996 for three years I saved up for a sterling 4H, only to lose it in a pawn shop fire 14 years later. It really soured me with playing bass, and definitely of , until now. I bought this new bass to last and will do anything to make it right. The entire base is perfect, it’s just a this neck problem.

So getting back to the lutheir, he just called me and said that I have a slight twist in my neck, on the treble side, which is kind of strange as it usually being on the bass side because the tension being more on the larger strings? He said I may have luck contacting , not necessarily for warranty work but to get it fixed correctly. Now I just want to make sure that I have done this correctly, I have gone online and basically submitted what I have told here in hopes to get this corrected, via EBMM website.

Would this be the correct/fastest way of going about this? I am prepared to send it out to California, I am just awaiting email I guess.

Thank you in advance, I’m going to play a EB again, come h3ll or high water. It sounded sooo good too, and the neck was the nicest I’ve ever played on!


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