Help: Strange MM SR5 Noise???

Help: Strange MM SR5 Noise???


All the way from Australia here…

I have a gorgeous natural Musicman SR5 that gives me a strange bottom end “pop” or “compressed peak” noise when I slap the B string with my thumb – not excessively, just while playing normally. It will happen more often if the string is struck harder. My technique is fine as its not an issue with any other instrument I play.

It sounds like a compressor acting hard on a bass frequency overload, however I’m direct to a desk/monitors with absolutely no signal processing engaged? It sounds like an electronic issue, but I may be mistaken.

Any idea what might be the reason/issue? None of my other basses do this (including a MM Classic 5 and Bongo H5), just the SR5. The battery is giving greater than 8.3V, so that has been ruled out.

Thanks in advance!


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