Help With Delay

Help With Delay

I’m having some difficulty getting what I want out of the delay settings, due in large part because the nomenclature is different from what I am accustomed to. I’ve read the manual several times, but still can’t seem to understand it.

For example: When I setup my delays, they decay too fast. I want to setup a delay that is something like 5-6 repetitions, and each repetition is as strong as the first repetition, and then they drop after that last repetition. I don’t want each repetition to ‘decay’ quickly, so that by the time the final repetition happens I can barely hear it. But I can’t seem to figure out which parameter or set of parameters to adjust to get this sort of delay.

Appreciate any help anyone can give.

Oh, and one more request: does anyone know what the equivalent values are for repetitions? For instance, Feedback is supposed to govern ‘number of repetitions’, but it’s percentage from 0-100% (which makes no sense). So what value, in percent, would be equal to, say, 5 repetitions?

I feel like this delay could kick ass (from a usability standpoint) if they would have made the parameter names make sense…

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