Help with new Majesty guitar

Help with new Majesty guitar

Hey guys,

So I just ordered and received from Musicians Friend a 6 string Majesty in Arctic Dream. Received it yesterday very excited. But when I went to play I had very bad buzzing from the bottom 3 strings. Mind you I’m no expert at “setting up” a guitar, so I did some research online to try and figure out how to fix.

First I turned the truss rod wheel counter clockwise to loosen it a little bit (love that feature by the way, makes it easy for a noob like me to adjust.) I did it a little bit at a time and kept checking the strings and it didn’t seem to help much. Finally it got loose enough I could turn it with my finger so I didn’t want to go any further, buzzing still persisted.

Next I tried the string saddles and after raising those up a bit the buzzing went away almost entirely, but by then the strings were crazy high off the fretboard It just didn’t seem right.

I did call and they answered the phone and transferred me to a tech almost instantly. AJ I believe his name was, and thank you for actually answering the phone and not making me push 100 buttons. I do appreciate that.

I play him a few notes unplugged over the phone and he heard the pretty terrible buzzing as well and he suggested adjusting truss rod, etc. which I did. He offered for me to send it to them to fix or I could go through Musicians Friend since I purchased from them.

I called Musicians Friend and they were very helpful setting up a return. They offered to refund my shipping and give me a discount off the guitar which was nice. Even so I am still on the fence about having a replacement sent once they get mine back or not.

Is this a common problem with this guitar? Did I just get unlucky? Is it normal for the guitar to perform like that out of the box without serious adjustment? Any insight would be appreciated.

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