Here's a track I did for Meow Wolf – Some EBMM content.

Here's a track I did for Meow Wolf – Some EBMM content.

Hey everyone,

I just finished a track for Meow Wolf and it turned out really great. I can’t give the specifics of the video’s content (as it isn’t released yet), but picture a bunch of kids running around Meow Wolf. It was quite a challenge even being considered for this gig, but I got the job on this piece against four other composers. Another guy got the gig on a different video, but I’m happy with this and they plan to use me in the future.

It’s super happy/friendly sounding, which can be hard to write without getting overly cheesy, but I think the music works. It’s so different than anything I typically write, but it is good to be able to deliver what the client wants. Anytime I can make $1 doing music is better than making $10 working outside in the cold. 🙂 I’m pretty close to supporting myself making music, so that is a good feeling.

This mostly was recorded on an acoustic, but there are some EBMM guitars in the mix at places.

Rainbows and Puppy Dogs – (Meow Wolf) by Daniel Carlton | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Thanks for listening,

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