HH to SSS conversion?

HH to SSS conversion?

To start, I am fully aware that this type of thing would kill [most, if not all] resale value…

I am drooling over another Axis – ideally a Rosewood top. Thoughts on buying a pickguard and converting it to the seemingly elusive SSS pickup configuration?

I currently have an Axis Sport with an MM90 in the neck and a Dimarzio Distortion in the bridge (3 way switch mod) and I LOVE the versatility. Thinking the SSS would give me strat like tones for situations that dictate as such.

If it matters to anyone’s opinion makers, here’s what I’m jonesing on for the moment pickupwise:
Seymour Duncan Hot Stack Strat (neck)
Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Stack (middle)
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Strat (bridge)

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