HNGD x 2

HNGD x 2

This post is a bit belated as I have had these for a few weeks, just busy and had no camera until I got my new IPhone.

Got a bit of GAS at the end of the year and ended up with two BFR’s.

First up is the December 2020 BFR Semi Hollow Axis Super Sport. As soon as this one was posted knew I was in trouble. Immediately contacted Pete D. to secure one.

Was in the market for a ASS and or a Semi Hollow but knew I was in trouble when this was announced. Guitar is very unique and love the simplicity. Thanks to Pete for working with me on this one.

Next is one that gave me GAS when it came out but never pulled the trigger. Then dibart77 did his killer NGD thread in December and it renewed the GAS.

Found there were a few left and worked a deal on this one from Willcutt.

BFR Silver Flake Sparkle Silhouette, this is a pure rock machine, love everything about it. Great design by EBMM.

Neck is great and hard to photograph but even has small birdseye.

And a picture of both

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