hof 2 help

hof 2 help

I’m not sure how, but my HoF2’s level control has become rather wonky. The pedal still works in that I can still get the reverb out of it, but when I dial the level control all the way down so that it’s just my dry signal, there’s nothing there. When it’s cranked, it’s just the reverb. Then once I turn the pedal off, my dry signal goes through no problem.

At first I thought it was just because it was at the end of my chain and I wasn’t hooked up to decent power. So I tried the pedal on its own cycling through clean power, different power supplies, a 9v battery, different cables, etc. So I figured that the problem is just with the pedal now. I’m not savvy at all when it comes to pedal components and the inner workings of one. I also didn’t register the pedal in time to get the warranty, so I’m just hoping I can get some kind of insight here.

I’ve had the pedal for a little over a year and used it almost every day whether it be at rehearsal or for church gigs. When I’m not using it, it’s just on my board, covered by a towel acting as a dust cover. I used it just this past Sunday (1/6) and had no problems with it. One day off, plugged it in today and that’s when I noticed the problem.

Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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