How to add Bass to the amplifier circuit?

How to add Bass to the circuit?

I have a little project in mind that I want to try. This picture below is a stereo amplifier circuit. For more info about it, you can see this page.

The TDA2822M IC used in this project is a dual amplifier built into an eight pin chip. You can see the datasheet of it here: ( consists of two channels, each identical and with external components to provide a very simple but powerful stereo amplifier, with a gain of 39dB and a current draw of 9mA with supply voltage in the range of 1.8 – 15 Volts. It will plug into the earphone socket of Walkman type machines and give excellent quality stereo sound from two speakers. Students are encouraged to research the fascinating technology of speaker box design.

The circuit above only has Gain and Volume control, how do I add Bass and Treble control? Where do I add them? How’s the circuit layout/schematic?

Thank you.

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