HOW TO SAVE TC Elec & G Force, maybe G System

HOW TO SAVE TC Elec & G Force, maybe G System

I have a great idea. I presume since Behringer LLC has bought TC that must have been struggling these past so many years. The fact that you guys have discontinued what looks like a majority of your classic products, speaks to this quite clearly.

I have some suggestions: why dont you take all the algorhythms for all the pedals you sell now. put together a series of UPDATES for your G Forces, and update your entire g force contingent out there in the world, and upgrade ALL G Forces and G Systems, so that 3-5-10-20 year old G Forces and G Systems can play ALL the pedals and systems you have developed over the last 2 decades.

You will have ecstatic long term clients who will have the state of the art guitar processors again, and you will have an enormous client base, customers who will keep you afoat for many years, and who will give you a substantial cash infusion from upgrade fees, and you will retain the goodwill you have lost over these last 10 years from discontinuing all the world class hardware you stopped backing and supporting in 2008 and so forth.

think about it@!!

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